Beginnings by their very nature are exciting and at the same time frightening. This tends to be true whether we’re talking about a new job, a new blog or a new relationship.

I’ve been thinking about beginnings and their significance while staring at the empty blog page of this website. What to say? What to write? We often think that beginnings must be grand and significant, but what does this mean?

The old saying, “the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”, may help us as a guide. Even new relationships often begin with a simple “hello”. With our current technology it may just be a mouse click indicating “you sound interesting”.

The above makes beginnings sound easy but in fact what makes them difficult is the apprehension we feel. So many possibilities, the potential for success and the fear of failure. It is this emotional side that often makes beginnings difficult.

The answer seems to be to take the plunge. To that end, here is the first real entry of my blog, the first step.

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