I spent all of the first week of May talking about sex!

The 1st week of this month I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Western Canadian Sexual Health conference. Having attended a number of these conferences in the past I knew what to expect. However, this time I was very involved as a member of the organizing committee and a facilitator of the pre-conference two day SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment workshop). The energy and enthusiasm of the participants was fantastic! The sessions I attended were varied and fascinating.

It was wonderful to spend an entire week talking with other health professionals about sex and sexuality. This is something most of us rarely, if ever, get to do. On the last day of the conference, I presented a workshop called “Negotiating the Sex We Want is Healthy Sex”.  It was an honour and a real treat to have about 25 people share their ideas as well as personal experiences about asking for the kind of sex one really wants.

If you want to read a little more about the conference, here is a link to the article on the Xtra website:


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